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Referral Tips:

Tips for getting referrals Tips for keeping referrals Tips for using your view bar


1.  Tips for Getting referrals:


      - One of the best places that I've tried getting referrals at is in Yahoo's chat rooms.  They tell you in their disclosure that they would like you to "avoid" using the chat rooms for commercial purposes, but it never says no.  However, the trick to stay away from spamming is, when your in the chat room, ask:  Is anyone in here interested in making money just by surfing the internet.  If somebody says yes, then you should try PMing them, or let them come to you, but never... NEVER just post URLs in chat rooms and wait for people to come to your website.  That is spamming.  So if you just ask them, and someone PMs you and sounds interested, it's perfectly legal to start talking to them about it.  : )   I've received the majority of my referrals this way, as most of you probably already can relate to : )


       - Another method I've been trying lately, is printing up flyers with those little tabs that you can rip strips off from.  I've been putting them up near Jr. Highs, and High schools to see if I can get any response from them.  I'll keep updating to find out if that works well or not.


More tips will be placed up here in the future.

If you have any good ideas, please email me.


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2.  Tips for Keeping referrals active:


       -  One of the problems that I've had after signing up referrals, is that they loose interest after a while, or they forget and never use their view bar.  The best solution I could think of for this, is to make sure you keep in touch with all of your referrals.  Keep their names and their email addresses, so you can write to them and see how their doing.  This way you can even help them if they have any questions regarding the view bar, or even help with getting referrals for themselves.  So my best tip there is to keep in touch with your referrals.


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3.  Tips for using your view bar:

     - Some of you may have noticed, if you use Netscape, that the view bar doesn't operate and record time while your reading emails.  I at first found this to be quite a disappointment, because I spend the majority of my time online reading emails.  I did, however, find a solution to this.  One good way to still have the chance of earning money with the view bar while reading emails with Netscape is copying the emails before you read them, and pasting them in Composer.  For some reason the view bar will still record time while in Netscape's Composer.

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