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Have you realized that your time on the internet is worth BIG $$$! And even now only a few company's have realized this. The most successful of these new companies is


          They have designed a program that displays advertising banners while your connected to the internet.  This program is small and fits at the bottom of your screen while you spend time in your web browser.  There's no minimum age limit, but if you are under the age of 18 you will have to print out a permission form that your parent or guardian needs to sign, and mail to they're headquarters before you can receive your first check.  Although, you can download this program and start recording the time your spending online without the form!  They pay you $.50 for every hour that you are online, and up to 15 hours a month.  

          The best part is that they pay you for how many hours your friends are online when you refer them and have them sign up with your user ID.  You can get paid up to your 4th degree.  So you could be getting paid for your friend's, friend's, friend's, friend, that spent a few hours online with the view bar program.  They pay you $.10 for your 1st degree referrals, and $.05 for your 2nd through 4th.  For a more detailed explanation on the Referral Payment System click here.  

            Your basically getting paid for doing nothing more than surfing the internet and spending time in chat rooms, like you would be doing anyways, but with a little ad banner at the bottom of your screen.  It's Absolutely Free, there's No Catches, and there's Nothing to loose, so try it out and give your self the chance to earn some extra $$$.


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The Check
Click here for an example of what the checks will   look like.  It's my second check that I've received.



       This is really a wonderful company that has over 5,000,000 members. They're worth a try, because there's nothing too loose, and because it's totally Free! I would ask though, that if you think you may be interested in signing up, that you send me an email telling me so. The reason I ask is because the better I keep in touch with my referrals, the better I can help them out with getting referrals of their own, and helping them with tips on how to make their time with their view bar make them as much money as possible.  In fact, as soon as you sign up and become one of my referrals, I will make you a web page almost exactly like this one, only with your own referral ID on the page, so that you can send people to the page to generate referrals for yourself.  

         I also have another web page called Jbolfrog's AllAdvantage Referral Community, that is dedicated completely to help out all of my referrals.  As soon as you sign up you are a member of this community and you can access the page and everything it has to offer which includes tips, referral techniques, and even a message board that you can post questions and comments for other members, and for myself.  So look at this site I've made for you to view, and learn about alladvantage, then click on ware it says "Join Now," and you'll be on your way to making $$$ simply for surfing the internet.


Best Wishes,


Jeremy Brown ( )







Jeremy Brown Feb. 2000, referral id: ( CHU-500 )


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