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This is me, incase you haven't already guessed...






Hi there!

My name is Jeremy, and I go by the nickname of Jbolfrog.  I'm 16 years old, and I live in Sandy Utah. I'm 5'6" and weigh 120lb.   I've been playing the drums for 9 years, and I've got a band called Tom Foolery that plays classical rock, blues, folk and just about anything that gets your toe tapped.  We just found a new base player named Chris, and were we've already entered a few battle of the bands, and took 2nd place at one worth $150.00, and 2nd place at another worth 6 hours of recording time.  So we're in the process of making and album.

My favorite music to listen to is Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Salsa, Funk, Blue Grass, Alternative, 80s rock, 70s rock, Samba, a little Punk, Classical rock, Latin, Ska, Cuban Steal Drums, and lots and LOTS OF Swing.  Some of my hobbies include bike-riding, hiking, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, HOCKEY, wood burning/carving, drawing, beadwork, RPGs, and building model ships.  I'm planning on possibly going into business management when I'm older, and also playing the drums.  Well.. more so the drums, especially considering I'm trying out for the National Guard Band here in Utah.  I'm also into laser tag, and I love Swing Dancing!!!!  Finally, I enjoy making WebPages, so go ahead and check mine out!  : )


Recent Updates
December 26, 1999

    This has to be the largest laps that I've ever let go with out putting up new jokes and this update since I first published this back last April.  Oh well I'm hopefully making up for it by making some big updates on the page to try and make it faster, and adding all kinds of stuff like new midi files, and a section for my band.  I'll be putting up some new pictures of us all, and some mp3s of our latest album.  I'll be doing all this during this one week of Christmas vacation that I have, so I better work fast... Lots been happening at home.  Tons of concerts and stuff, and most of all TomFoolery has just about finished our CD!  We're days away from being complete, and then we're ready to order some CD's to sell! : )  Check out all the new sections that I've got up under "Favorites," and some of the great new "ICQ Greetings," page.  I've also got some great new jokes up in the "Jokes of the Week," so go check 'em out and don't hesitate to sign the guestbook if you think anything on this page looks pretty cool! : )

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