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My main Idea with this page was to post some facts about All Advantage that are helpful for encouraging people to stick with this program and reach their full potential.  Kind of corny... but hey if it works, what the heck.  I would like to be able to post some personal story's of individual people, if any of my referrals would like to do so.


    - has reached over 4,000,000 members in the past couple of months, and 965 advertisers.

    -  They have paid out over $3,000,000 to their members.

    -  SOFTBANK Capital Partners invested $70 million on February 4th into

    -  The average payout rate to their members is $47.00

    -  It only takes 20 referrals to get into AllAdvantage plus

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Real Stories:

     -  Until I get more people to post their own story's I might as well start with mine.   I signed up with at the beginning of last summer, in June.  I have a list of about 150 emails on my computer from friends I've accumulated in chat rooms over the years, so I got a pretty reasonable response when I sent out my first referral email.  It was kind of a bother waiting around for the view bar to come out, and mean while I checked out other companies, but when they released it, and when I started ranking up the hours, I stuck with these guys all the way.  Now I have over 64 referrals, and I've made about $64.00 in the checks I've received.  I've even got my latest check up here in case you would like to see it.  So I encourage all who read this to work their best at getting referrals, and earning the money that can come from just surfn' around with a little view bar!

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    - Bet that caught your interest for a second there... "Yes, a Real Video!"

View a 3 minute video clip about AllAdvantage
If you don't have RealPlayer, click here to get it first

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     - Here 's a scanned picture of one of the checks I've received.  This is actually the second one that I've received, and is for about $33.00. 



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