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Referral Calculator

It's easy to find out how much money you could be making every month with the referral payment system based on current rates. Just fill in the fields below to calculate your potential monthly income. Click here for more information about the referral payment system.

You can choose to enter the number of your extended referrals directly or calculate your potential extended referrals by estimating the number of referrals that each of your referrals will make.  The maximum amount of recorded hours is still 25 per referral, but in the near future, they're working on raising that to 40 hours per month.

Calculate Your Potential Monthly Income

Fill in the fields below to calculate:
(U.S. rates are presented below)
1. Direct referrals
2. Estimated average monthly hours per member
(5, 10, 15,... 40)
Enter your extended referrals directly OR estimate your potential extended referrals by entering your referrals per person:
(choose one of the fields)
3a. Extended referrals
(total number of members you have indirectly referred or will refer)
OR 3b. Estimated number of referrals from each of your referrals to four levels.
(1 each, 2 each, 3 each, etc.)
4. Hit Calculate button potential monthly income:

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Megan Vibbert  Feb. 2000, referral id: ( DYQ-335 )